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Fresh drinks – Procedure Text

Fresh drinks - Procedure Text

Fresh drinks – Procedure Text

Fresh drinks - Procedure Text

Fresh drinks – Procedure Text

Fresh drinks

Grass jelly ice latte

– 1 saschet of coffee mix latte
– ice cubes as needed
– meses to taste
– 50 ml of chocolate sweetened condensed milk
– 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
– 250 ml of boiled water
– grass jelly, shaved with grated cheese

How to make:
a. Brew coffee with hot water. Wait until it’s warm.
b. Blend with sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and water.
c. Fill the glass with ice cubes and grass jelly shavings.
d. Pour the coffee mixture into a glass. Stir slowly.
e. Sprinkle meses on it.

Ice mixed with jelly

– 1 can of canned lychees
– 800 ml of lychee juice
– 3 packs of various flavored nutrients
– 100 ml of hot water
– 1 packet of basil
– 1 sachet creamer

How to make:
a. Make nutrition jelly as usual.
b. Cook 100 ml of water, pour into a bowl filled with creamer.
c. Mix well until the color is like milk.
d. Add the nutrients, lychee juice, basil, canned lychees along with the water, and creamer into a new container, stir well. Put it in the refrigerator, serve with additional ice cubes.

Lychee Yakult

– 2 tablespoons nata de coco
– 2 bottles of cold Yakult
– 1 cup water
– 6 canned lychees
– 4 whole can lychees
– 2 tablespoons lychee syrup

How to make:
a. Blender Yakult, lychee, water, and lychee syrup.
b. Pour into a glass, add the whole lychees and nata de coco.

Jelly ice jelly

– 1 pipil sweet corn (steamed ripe)
– 350 ml coconut milk
– White sweetened condensed milk to taste
– 1 tsp basil, soak until bloom
– 1 packet of young coconut flavor Nutrijel
– nata De Co Co to taste
– ice cubes as needed

How to make:
a. Make agar as usual. Slice according to taste.
b. Mix and stir all ingredients into a container.
c. Pour sweetened condensed milk according to taste.
d. Serve cold will be fresher.

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